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About Us

Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. (PWM) founded by Mr. Imtiaz Merchant in the year 2009is a Shariah Wealth Management Advisory company with clear focus on Islamic Investments. It aims to tap the hugely unexplored market of Shariah Compliant Investment (Known for Ethical & Socially Responsiblr Investing). The company PWM is registered with Registrarsof Companies (ROC). The company also has approval from SEBI to run the stock broking business. PWM is of one of the pioneers of Shariah Investment Services equipped with strong experts having technical expertise as well. PWM endeavors to create awareness about investments in the “Islamic Way”, with a clear mission to popularize the investments through social responsibility and ethics . to create awareness of Islamic Finance PMW has developed a first of its kindQuaterly Magazine in englishfocusing on Islamic Finance, called 'Islami Tijara'.


Imtiaz Merchant- Managing Director
Mr. Imtiaz Merchant is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University and holds a PG diploma in Marketing &Management. He is a Fundamental and Technical Stock Market Analyst, with 18 years of experience.Mr. Merchant is well-versed with the Islamic Finance& Investment and have devlop products & serviceand the Shariah Compliance norms for investments. He hasspent years of extensive efforts to understandthe principles of Islamic Finance and has been in constant discussions with Islamic Finance scholars and experts. He has the privilege to create Shariah Compliant Stock Universe & 14 Shariah compliant Indices( they are live on company’s website ) Imtiaz Merchant is registered with SEBI vide certificate No. INH000001683

Ayzaz Rehman Motiwala- Director
Mr. Ayzaz Rehman Motiwala is a commerce graduate. He has 16 years of experience in stock market. He is also part of the Equity research group of Pragmatic Wealth Management, and is has good skills to pick quality stocks for investments based on Fundamental (Macro & Micro) studies. His success ratio is quite good particularly the Multi- Bagger stocks. He also has decent knowledge of Islamic investments.


Shariah Broking Services:
Our company PWM has received the Stock Broking license from SEBI vide SEBI REG.NO. INB071490636 in July 2013,and company is A.P. (Authorized Person) of Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange subsidiary Safal capital .The clients can trade in both BSE & NSE.
The company PWM is focused on research of the Shariah compliant companies and unlike other brokers, PWM discourages Day’s trading and Derivatives trading.The past performances have demonstrated the outperformance in terms of returns on investments is concern.The company also provide online trading facilities to thier trading members and as a broker advise clients what to buy and when to buy and sell. The company has also created NRI desk since there huge business potational

Stock Advisory Services:
PWM also gives stock Advisory services on subscription base to those investors who wants to independently trade with the guidance since the year 2014The Stock Advisory Services consist of short term as well as medium to long terminvestment.

Islamic Finance Magazine:
In the year 2010, PWM initiated India's premier quarterly Islamic finance magazine 'Islami Tijara'.Islami Tijara delivers to its discerning readership a mix of exclusive contributions. It provides an in-depth coverage of Islamic Finance and Investment opportunities. It aims to enhance the knowledge of people on Islamic Finance which is a burning need in today's dismal economic scenario. Every issue of Islami Tijara speaks about Islamic Finance in Qur'an, Hadeeth and Fiqh, provides Comprehensive Research Reports on Companies, Industries, Markets and Economy. Articles from reputed Writers, Columnists, Islamic Scholars and Financial Experts are published. Islami Tijara also covers news and interviews on Islamic Finance.

Shariah Index:
PWM has successfully created 14 Shariah indices, that includes 5 Sized based and 9 Sector based indices in the year 2009. These Indices comprise of Shariah compliant stocks that successfully have passed the Shariah Screening Norms on Industry and financial Ratio filters. We have created a unique methodology to create these indices. All these indices are backtracked to 2006. The indices are under the Copyright of PWM. (For more details and live index prices, visit www.pragmaticwealth.net)

Shariah Compliant Stock Universe:
PWM, since its inception, has screened Indian equity market on Shariah norms. As on March 2018, 1450 companies in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are Shariah compliant, based on the norms approved by the Shariah board (IIFB) and its total market capitalization is 60.90 percent of the total BSE market capitalization. Out of these 1450 Shariah compliant stocks, PWM has selected 211 top companies for macro Index and investments and the market capitalization of these top 211 Shariah compliant Stocks is 54 percent of the total BSE market capitalization.

Islamic Investment Finance Board (IIFB):
Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd (PWM) initiated IIFB in 2010 comprises of learned Islamic scholar. PWM receives approval of Islamic investment products from Islamic Investment Finance Board (IIFB), an independent Shariah Board. It is also a non-profit organization governed under the adept leadership of MaulanaMohammadWaliRahmani, the General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. IIFB comprises of eminent Muftis and Aalims from across the country, namely, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Maulana Fuzailur Rehman Hilal Usmani, Mufti Shoibullah Khan, etc. The primary responsibilities of the IIFB to issue Shariah certificate, andensure that all the Islamic investments done are Shariah compliant.

Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd (PWM)has got 2 branches . Our product & service are also sold through overseas representative in Gulf. The 2 branches are located at:

  • Hyderabad / Aurangabad

102, 1st floor, Topaz Co-operative Society,Dr. Anandrao Nair Road, Agripada, Mumbai Central (E), Mumbai – 400011.

Tel: +91-022-23001290
Whatsapp:+91 9022178683

Email: contact@pragmaticwealth.net
Stock Broking: AP Registered No.NSE: AP1925000913  
   BSE: AP0102960144805

Member of Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange
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